To Each Is Own!-Charley Barzz

Born in South Carolina Charley Barzz always loved music. Growing up he was known to be a battle rapper in school. He has perfected his craft and just keeps getting better. He serves in the military and you will hear it in his music. He is part of the elite rhyme crew the infamous M2 aka Military Minded. Charley Barzz has made a name for himself releasing an E.P.-D.O,D. He has 2 mixtapes on He is a force to be wrecking with and isn't afraid of change. He can sing, rap, write,music engineer his craft. The future looks bright. He shows character and his heart through his music revealing his inner thoughts. Check out his links, subscribe to his facebook fan page to stay updated!

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About Me

Hi, My name is Cold Heat, I am a recording artist and I love all types of music. I'm born in raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I got the chance to grow up to real hip hop music. Now hip hop is considered to be underground and a light isn't shined on it.

I want to display artist that I feel need to be heard and should be heard. I will be taking emails, music and posting it on this site from independent artist from all over the world. I want this to be active, attractive,informative,inspiring and most of all unedited.


What you see you don't expect, but what you receive you will accept!-Cold Heat